The first film studio in Vietnam uses solar power energy

Jet Studio partner has officially become the first television program producer in Vietnam to fully utilize solar energy for producing programs.

The ceremony for powering solar power project and groundbreaking S4 film studio.

Jet studio is a company of producing television programs familiar to many audiences through a series of pure Vietnamese entertainment programs with the plentiful and attractive contents, specifically: "The teller of love stories", "Succeeded to the throne Star", "Listen to me sing", "Dance music", "Love over time", "Brilliant 60 minutes", "Meet to laugh".

According to Mr. Lam Van Tu - Director of Vietnam Television Center in Ho Chi Minh City, the programs of Jet studio are always high appreciated by the leadership of the Vietnam Television Center in Ho Chi Minh City, experts and press due to a good quality, suitable to the needs and tastes of the audience, thereby contributing to building a brand name of the national television channel.

Mr. Tu emphasized: "Among many partners producing the current television programs, Jet studio is a leading company by prestige and quality. I hope, in the future, Jet studio will continue to study the new, more attractive and interesting programs to meet the demand of coming in for more and more high daily entertainment culture of the Vietnamese audience".

The solar power system of Jet Studio has a capacity of 160 kW, including 432 PV panels installed on an area of 864 m2. This solar power system can sufficiently supply electricity for 03 studios S1, S2 and S3 and office block of Jet Studio, built in an area of 8000 m2 for 20 years. Besides, the company could sell the electricity for EVN when the output of the system higher than its demand

The solar power system of Jet Studio has a capacity of 160 kW including 432 PV panels, installed on an area of 864 m2.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phu – the Director of Jet Studio said: with a sustainable development both in the professional field and friendly behavior to environment, Jet studio has invested in building the large and most modern film studio system with 3 studios as S1,S2,S3 which are sufficient to set up from talk show, sitcom programs to the performing programs or the large game-shows with participation of hundreds of artists and a system of the staff departments with the most convenient feature for artists to come to Jet Studio for working.

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